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Link pages used to be useful and we kinda liked that. Honest, no-nonsense lists of good valuable websites and resources. Too often these days, links pages are full of link building spam thrown together in desperation of Search Engine Rankings. Well not here, not on ShopMan's watch! Listed below are links to resources and websites that we like, we genuinely find useful and or that we simply think they deserve a mention!

If you think your site deserves a mention, please drop us a line. Your site should be good, relevant to the interests of our readers and should offer a return link (which we will check exists before posting so don't bother chasing something for nothing because you won't get it here!).

Webmaster Delights

Here are a list of funky sites volunteered by our webmaster and designer:

1and1 Internet - Our Web Host - Great Value Hostong - Useful site for the creation of those funky little website icons.

Open Source Windows - A simple list of the best free open source programs for Windows.

Video Gaming Links

Metacritic - The authoritiative compilation on video game reviews.

TomsHardware - A must read for any PC Enthusiast, or people who like graphs. - Our favourite Computer and Video Game Music Radio Site!

Cars and Motoring Links

World Car Fans - World wide news on cars, motorshows and motorsport,

Pistonheads -One of the UK's greatest car enthusiast communities.

Auto Express - Daily car news and reviews from the magazine of the same name.

Autocar - Another nirvana for car enthusiasts, daily car news and reviews.

Menswear Directory - Mens Clothing and Fashion Labels

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